About EarthSafe Geological and Environmental Consulting:

EarthSafe Geological and Environmental Consulting LogoEarthSafe Geological and Environmental Consulting is a geology based company providing a multi-faceted range of geologic and environmental services focusing on high quality performance at an affordable cost.

EarthSafe is a fully insured, bonded, and licensed General Engineering Contractor in the State of California with a Hazardous Materials and C-57 (drilling) endorsement.

EarthSafe’s mission is to offer geologic and environmental consulting services to our clients at honest and reasonable prices. Our clients include commercial property owners, residential property owners, business owners and operators, government agencies, bankers/lenders and real estate professionals.

EarthSafe believes that by having its clients deal directly with a Registered Professional, they receive higher quality job performance. By eliminating the multiple levels of management, clients decrease their costs and remain in control and well informed during their project.

EarthSafe maintains a positive reputation with the regulatory agencies, from local Fire Inspectors to State Regulators. Project reports and documentation consistently meet required standards.

About Christopher Wernicke – Principal Geologist for EarthSafe Geological and Environmental Consulting:

The Principal Geologist for EarthSafe is Christopher Wernicke. His reputation is known throughout Southern California for successfully managing and closing environmental cases. Mr. Wernicke has over 20 years of experience in the field of geology and hydrogeology. His professional experience in the geologic and environmental field includes project planning, proposal preparation, preparing field investigation plans, formulating recommendations, development of health and safety plans, environmental site assessments and preparing technical reports. Field experience includes working with a variety of drilling methods, requirements for sample collection and classifying soil samples, installation of groundwater/soil vapor wells, well abandonment, and academic projects involving structure and tectonics.

Mr. Wernicke has extensive experience in interpreting geologic features which may impact the migration or retention of contaminants in the sub-surface. Modalities used in these interpretations include direct observation, topographic maps, published geologic and hydrologic reports, aerial photographs, geophysical studies and personal experience in a wide variety of geologic environments. He has managed projects involving the unauthorized release of petroleum hydrocarbon compounds including gasoline, mineral spirits, toluene, jet fuel, diesel fuel, lacquer thinners, MEK (butanone or methyl ethyl ketone), fuel oil, SC800 series asphalt and chlorinated solvents. Other projects have included non petroleum compounds such as dyes and heavy metals.

Mr. Wernicke received his Bachelor of Science Degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA in 1980. He has completed the coursework for a Master of Science Degree at California State University, Los Angeles, CA. His thesis topic: Desert Hound Anticline, Death Valley, CA.

Registration and Licenses:

Professional Geologist, State of California, 1993 – Certificate #5590
A – General Engineering Contractor, State of California, License #734057
Hazardous Substance Removal and Remedial Actions Certification
C-57 Well Drillers License, State of California
OSHA 40 Hour Basic Health and Safety Training