Underground Storage TankThe Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Act of 1989 is administered by the California State Water Resources Control Board (CA SWRCB), to provide financial assistance for petroleum UST (Underground Storage Tank) owners and operators to meet the federal and state requirements associated with the cleanup of leaking petroleum USTs. See Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act – January 1, 2010

EarthSafe has successfully worked with the UST Cleanup Fund (USTCF) to achieve Case Closure for our Fund clients and has a record of 100% reimbursement. EarthSafe understands that each project is unique and strives to provide the optimal solutions to each specific case. Our clients stay in control of their project and are involved in each aspect of their case.

EarthSafe provides the following services:

  • Prepare the initial application to the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (USTCF)
  • Review and arbitrate eligibility and reimbursement issues with the USTCF (for new clients)
  • Prepare and follow up on cost pre-approval packages when required
  • Prepare reimbursement request packages
  • Intervene and resolve conflicts between the USTCF and local regulatory oversight agencies
  • Respond to USTCF questions and inquiries
  • Develop flexible payment terms (on a case by case basis) or provide assistance with finding lenders familiar with the USTCF
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