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Underground Storage TankOver the past 30 years, there have been thousands of underground storage tanks that have been found to be leaking unsafe products into their surrounding environment. This discovery has led to new federal, state and local regulations designed to resolve this problem. Today, every owner of a business or site which has an underground storage tank (whether in use or not) must take measures to comply with these regulations. Even if your tanks are not leaking, there are requirements for tank monitoring, leak prevention and reporting.

When tanks are no longer in use, they become a liability for the business owner and property owner. California state law requires tanks to be removed within 90 days of end of service.

EarthSafe will remove the tanks and arrange disposal of tank residue, the tanks and appurtenances (equipment accessories). Permitting, soil sampling and Closure Report will be completed by a Professional Geologist, licensed by the State of California. Your property will be restored to grade and finished with material of your choice.

If the soil test results from the tank removal indicate there may have been an unauthorized leak, EarthSafe will work with the Regulatory Agency to formulate a plan for soil sampling to define the affected area. Keeping the project as simple and economical as possible for the property owner with the least disruption to daily business is our goal.

With the recent findings by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) concerning passive bioremediation / natural attenuation of contaminated sites, there have been significant changes in the regulations of the local Regional Water Boards. EarthSafe can help you meet the requirements in your area with the most cost effective methods that fit your situation.

EarthSafe Geological and Environmental Consulting works on: Above ground storage tanks removal, underground storage tanks removal and piping Removal.