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Groundwater Transport ModelingPhase I Environmental Assessment:

Phase I assessments are utilized by banks, insurance companies, real estate financing companies, commercial and industrial property owners, law firms and public agencies prior to funding loans, property use changes, purchases or sales. An in-depth environmental assessment can protect all parties involved in a property exchange. Buyers can be assured they are not acquiring an impacted property; owners can use a “Clean Bill of Health” as a selling point. The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment includes a review of historical records, aerial photos, topographic maps and other records of activities conducted at the site and on nearby properties. Significant people or neighbors associated with the property are interviewed. The property is visited and physically examined. EarthSafe environmental assessments meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) requirements.

Phase 2 Environmental InvestigationsPhase II Environmental Investigations:

When a Phase I Assessment indicates the potential for environmental concerns at a property, a Phase II Investigation is recommended to further evaluate the extent of the environmental impact. Phase 2 Investigations consist of laboratory analysis of soil and/or water samples collected by drill rig, back hoe or hand auger, depending on the specific site conditions and Phase I findings.

If contamination is found to be significant or exceeds the local, state or federal standards, or if substance levels present a threat to the water table or human health, further site characterization is needed to determine the vertical and lateral extent of the contamination plume. In these cases, the involvement of a regulatory agency (this could be local or regional oversight) is recommended to arbitrate acceptable remediation levels and determine “Case Closure” requirements. EarthSafe advocates for the client, not only to propose the most cost effective methods for remediation, but to offer plans that best meet the needs of the client.

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