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Don’t hold up a sale because your client or the lender asks for a geologic evaluation. It is important that buyers and sellers feel comfortable and confident with a transaction. Without delaying escrow, EarthSafe Geological and Environmental Consulting can perform an evaluation to meet the needs of your clients and answer questions to everyone’s satisfaction.

Residential Real Estate Property Transfer of Ownership Contamination CleanupResidential Real Estate

Knowing what the soil is like under the house is as important as what is on top when you are purchasing real estate. Before you buy, have the property checked by an experienced geologist. A geologist can answer your questions about potential geologic conditions, risk assessment and mitigation.

During “Disclosure” you may also be told that your prospective property is located in one of the “Seismic Hazard Zones” identified by the California Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and Geology. These maps identify known areas that have potential for liquefaction, land sliding, strong earthquake ground shaking or other earthquake and geologic hazards. A survey and evaluation by a geologist can tell you what these “Hazard Zones” mean to your property.

Where is the value to you? This information may help you decide on property care, water drainage strategies and resources for appropriate ground cover. While the risk of an earthquake in Southern California cannot be prevented, an understanding of how your property could be affected can help you be better prepared.

Commercial Real Estate Property Transfer of Ownership Contamination CleanupCommercial Real Estate

Commercial properties are a major investment. Unfortunately, buyers can become responsible for contamination discovered on their commercial property even if it was caused by a prior owner. Previously unknown releases of contaminants may not be included on a disclosure report. Buyers need to secure their investment with a Phase I Environmental Assessment to assure they are not buying into a costly clean-up or a property which will decrease in value due to the stigma of contamination.

EarthSafe offers affordable environmental studies that can satisfy the requirements of buyers, sellers or lenders for the sale of commercial properties. Property investigations can be modified as needed according to property usage or as required by the buyer or lending institution. Every environmental study is completed by a Professional Geologist who will evaluate the property and provide information to the client as quickly as possible.